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July Artist of the Month – Steven Horlock

Skin City is not only a body painting studio and boutique, but it also houses the studio of a hot Vegas visual artist, painter and photographer, Steven Horlock. Steve has done his share of body painting during his tenure at Skin City, but there’s a lot more to this guy, and we got the scoop!

Skin City: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Vegas?

Steven Horlock: I grew up in Southern California but came out to Vegas in High School. Vegas was a culture shock. I thought I would be living in a casino. But in reality it was an adult town at the time, and the only thing to do was go to Circus Circus or Wet and Wild. I spent a lot of time skateboarding, going to desert punk shows, and just getting into trouble.

SC: How old were you when you started art and what got you started?

SH: I have always doodled. Usually funny cartoons and Heavy Metal influenced drawings up until 2008. After that I decided to learn how to paint. I experience a meditative experience when I paint that keeps me focused and relaxed. I am addicted to this experience and spend most of my time in the studio.

SC: What’s your art background?

SH: I have studied from life and from various art books. I took a painting class in college but my teacher was senile, so he taught the same three pages the whole semester. I learn faster on my own anyway.

SC: What else do you do? SH: I am also a professional video editor and videographer. I enjoy still photography when I am traveling, and I have done some model work.

SC: What are your other favorite hobbies? SH: I enjoy hiking and exploring the country. It’s been a while, but I like to take the long way to a destination in order to try to find some odd town in the middle of nowhere and walk around. Especially old ghost towns.

SC: What do you like best about living in Vegas?

SH: I enjoy Las Vegas because of the freedom it offers. Everything is available, and I don’t have to conform to a schedule. I enjoy the multitude of drinking venues this town has to offer. We also have some of the best restaurants in the world here, and I like to eat. I like the laid back downtown vibe. Whether at a locals bar in the East Fremont area or an old casino downtown, it’s always a good time. Plus when I want to get away from town, there are some really great hikes 30 minutes away.

SC: Any other interesting stuff about you you’d like to share? SH: It has been an interesting year since I have started sharing a space with Skin City Body Painting. Being around other creative people really pushes me to stay on track with my artwork. Sometimes I get stuck on an idea, and it’s great to have people to bounce ideas off of. I have learned a lot about the craftsmanship of body painting with Robin, and the crew and I have come to realize how professional and unique the crew is. I’m looking forward to what creative projects are in my future!

Us too, Steven! For Skin City’s first year anniversary, Steven will perform a live body paint demo on the lovely model, Mae Kasei! Come check it out!


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