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World Bodypainting Festival 2020 at Skin City!

For the first time in it’s 22-year history, the #WBF World Bodypainting Festival grew beyond its borders in Austria to take place in 16 “hotspots“ all over the world. In Las Vegas, artists were able to compete remotely in the #WBFestival2020 competition at Skin City Body Painting studio. Participating artists include previous Special Effects World Champion Moona Jin with her model Lora Kelsey. Also featuring artists: Ariana Throne, Ashley Fox, Benoit Beaufils, Caitlyn Young, Claribel Tovar, Cristina Paulos, Elena Pineda (Haus of Hellen), Letty Lopez, Maddie Hake, Suzanne Lugano and Tara McCade.


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