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The Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project


The Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project hit last week, with filmmakers across Sin City scrambling to make a complete film with a script, actors, makeup, costumes, locations, cameras, lighting, sound and editing in a mere 2 days.

Skin City was approached by 2 participating teams to help out, but we weren’t sure what makeup we would be contributing until the actors were rushed into our makeup chairs! We did “sick” makeup on an actress for Downtown Spaces Studio’s film “Purple Sky”, using the old trick of foundation on the lips to give her a dehydrated, pale look.

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Light Forge Studios threw my good friend Voki Kalfayan at us (who also created and plays the Gazillionaire character in the critically-acclaimed show “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace). The request was to turn him into a “swamp monster” to play an androgynous “romantic” lead in their film “Swamp Heart”. (This choice was partly due to Skin City having a few bags of leftover moss from the huge charity production One Drop we had done for Cirque du Soleil a few weeks back!) My fellow artist JD Davenport and myself worked on Voki, applying a bald cap, costume contact lenses and false teeth for an other-worldly effect. We used MAC chromacakes in Landscape Green and True Chartreuse with kabuki brushes to base out our creature in color, adding details with airbrush, finally applying the moss with medical adhesive. We finished him with the clock ticking in about 2 hours.

It was amazing to see a creature we threw together in a couple hours projected on the unforgiving big screen at the massive Town Square Movie Theater. “Swamp Heart” went on to be the Audience Award Winner, and will be screened locally one more time at the Best Of Screening.

Skin City was honored to be a part of this hectic, fun project. It is worth the 7 minutes to view the film here:


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