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What’s in a name? Changes to Vegas street names!

[UPDATED] Skin City is excited to announce a new address (sorta)! Parts of Industrial Road have been renamed to Sammy Davis Jr. Drive in honor of the late Rat Pack star. It gets tricky, but in the City of Las Vegas, where Skin City is located, Industrial Road has not officially changed. Instead Sammy Davis Jr. Drive has been added as an honorary addition. Stretches of Industrial Road that fall out of the City of Las Vegas and into Clark County, including the areas surrounding the Las Vegas Strip, HAVE officially changed its name to Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. (Did you know the Las Vegas Strip is actually NOT in the City of Las Vegas, but rather it’s part of the unincorporated Clark County towns Paradise and Winchester!) So NO, we have not moved, and our address hasn’t officially changed! …But Google recognizes the change, and that’s good enough for us! 🙂

Skin City Body Painting 1800 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89102

In honor of the occasion, local artist Gear Duran painted this fabulous portrait of the man himself in the Skin City parking lot.

And outdoor mural of the face of Sammy Davis Junior

There could be more Vegas name changes in the works, as the developer of the new $850 million Majestic Hotel tries to change Debbie Reynolds Drive into Majestic Plaza Place.

A street sign marker for Debbie Reynolds Drive overlooking the Las Vegas strip

Not everyone is happy about the proposed name change, however.

“Debbie Reynolds Drive is one of the few landmarks honoring a female Vegas icon,” says Sarah O’Connell, founder of Eat More Arts Vegas, who launched a #DoItForDebbie campaign and a petition to “Save Debbie Reynolds Drive”. Debbie Reynold’s son Todd Fisher, who lives in the Las Vegas area, told the press, “From the family’s perspective, we would not be happy, but if there was an alternate plan to name some other street Debbie Reynolds Drive, then I wouldn’t mind trading that out.” So far, the protest has delayed the street naming twice, so we will be munching popcorn waiting to see how this turns out!

Another recent street name change took on unexpected meaning due to tragedy. The intersection of Wellness Way and Hope Place, changed in March of 2016, now stands as a symbol of the extraordinary life-saving work performed at UMC, Valley Hospital Medical Center and other nearby medical facilities after the October One mass shooting in Vegas. UMC CEO Mason VanHouweling said, “The new street signs for both Hope Place and Wellness Way serve as a daily reminder to all who enter our doors that hope and health are always at the forefront of our mission.”

Want to change your street name? All it takes in Vegas is to be a property owner with deep pockets! The person who proposes the name change must win a series of city votes and pay all the costs involved. So we are sure these will not be the last name changes in Vegas!



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