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Skin City’s May Model of the Month

Happy First Friday! Skin City is always thrilled to work with this month’s featured model, Stacy! She’s an absolute pro, she loves her job, she loves people, and we can’t get enough of her! Here’s what Stacy had to say when we asked her a few questions…

Skin City: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Vegas? Stacy: I grew up in Reno, NV and went to school in California. I started modeling in college to help pay for school. Every once in a while I would get hired to work some of the bigger conventions in Vegas and I absolutely fell in love with the city, so I moved there shortly after I graduated.

SC: How old were you when you started modeling, and what got you started? S: I started modeling around age 20 because I was a poor college student and I was too busy with school work to get a full time job.

SC: What’s your modeling background? S: My first few modeling jobs were promotional spokesmodeling gigs, so I learned early on in my career how to overcome all inhibitions and approach complete strangers, as if it were totally natural. This skill came in very useful when I became a body paint model!

SC: What do you like about modeling? S: Modeling allows me the flexibility to work on other personal projects part time, like traveling or going to school. I also truly enjoy all of the amazing events I get to work and the wonderful models, photographers and other artists that I work with.

SC: What else do you do? S: I travel as much as I can whenever I get a break in my schedule. Other than body paint modeling I do so many other types of modeling gigs including shoots, commercials, spokesmodeling, and party hostessing.

SC: What are you favorite hobbies? S: In addition to modeling, I also love photography and traveling. My dream job would be a travel photographer.

SC: What’s your favorite body painting experience? S: The best thing about my job is that I have fun at work ALL of the time. I really enjoy being a part of some of the most spectacular parties and events in town. I don’t have a favorite body painting experience because all of the events I work are wonderful.

SC: What was your strangest / funniest / oddest body painting experience?

S: Some of the funniest moments occur when we are out in public. I love the look of confusion and surprise that comes over someone’s face as they realize that what they initially perceived as colorful, sparkly, well-fitting clothing is actually PAINTED on! I think I may have given one man a heart attack when he asked me to pose for a picture with him because he liked my “outfit” and once he put his arm around me and realized he was touching my bare skin, he screamed.

SC: What was your favorite most memorable body paint design? S: Robin once painted a gorgeous emerald-green snake on me that may have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever “worn.” The design was very sexy and elegant, as the snake draped around my shoulders was strategically positioned to blend and disguise my lady parts.

SC: Any funny body paint removal stories? S: I once worked an event with my favorite model buddy, Tarra. There happened to be a pool full of baby oil for party goers to wrestle in. Toward the end of the event several models ended up in the baby oil pool wrestling and goofing around. Tarra and I jumped in as well and once we realized how effective the oil was at removing our body paint we decided to really take advantage, and started scrubbing and enlisting the help of the other models. It was quite a sight!

SC: What do you like best about living in Vegas? S: I love living in a 24-hour city. If I want to go out for breakfast at midnight, I can.

SC: What are your favorite Vegas hotspots and why? S: I love fine dining and Vegas has great restaurants! One of my favorites is Maestro’s steakhouse. A local favorite of mine is Rosemary’s café.

SC: What’s your greatest accomplishment in life? S: College was a great accomplishment for me. It wasn’t so much that school was difficult, but I was very anxious to finish school so I could begin traveling and working more. So I was extremely happy for my life to begin once I graduated.

SC: Who are your role models and why? S: I admire so many people for various reasons. It’s too hard to list just a few of them.

We love you, Stacy! Want to see more models? Head over to the Skin City model page! Take your pick for your next event, party, trade show or convention and give us a call at 702.431.7546 or email us at!


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