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Model of the Month – Randalene

The holidays may have come and gone, but our Skin City Model of the Month for January 2013 is a gift that keeps on giving: a stunning beauty, a smart cookie, an outrageous sense of humor, a gregarious personality, and a tireless go-getter! Randalene is a super-fit Southern blond belle, and we love working with her! Let’s get to know her a little better…

Skin City: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Vegas? Randalene: I grew up in Morehead, Ky. I moved to Vegas in 2009 after retiring my spikes as a USA Track and Field pole vaulter. I was hoping to continue my training in Las Vegas as an athlete by pursuing a career in Cirque du Soleil.

SC: How old were you when you started modeling and what got you started?

R: When I was 21 I was photographed for the cover of my University’s Athletic Media Guide. At that moment I knew I wanted to be a fitness model. It was several years later when I moved to Las Vegas and booked for an event. I have experience in convention work, product spokes model, product and liquor promotions, fitness print and NPC bikini shows.


SC: What do you like about modeling? R: Modeling allows me to work with different companies and multiple products. It is a creative way to express myself. I love marketing and promoting products.

SC: What else do you do? R: I am an NPC Bikini competitor and Trainer.

SC: What are you favorite hobbies? R: I like to cross train, rollerblade, hike, practice yoga and gymnastics. Anything outdoors and active.

SC: What’s your favorite body painting experience? R: MTV Spring Break as the lizard for SoBe.

SC: What was your strangest / funniest / oddest body painting experience? R: The funniest was when I was painted as a cow. I had utters that were made from baby bottle nipples. It was so life like.

SC: What was your favorite most memorable body paint design?

R: My most memorable body paint design was Emma Frost. There were 6 models and each was painted as a different Super Villain. We filmed a music video where the Super Villains beat the Heroines.

SC: Any funny body paint removal stories? R: I had glitter wings painted on my back for the Palm’s Midsummer Night’s Party. The wings were on there really good. I ended up keeping the wings for about 4 days. From the gym to the grocery store I was complimented.

SC: What do you like best about living in Vegas? R: I always have multiple projects that I work on at a time. Vegas is no doubt a 24 hour city. I love Vegas because it’s the one place where you can get anything you want 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

SC: What are your favorite Vegas hotspots and why?

R: I love the Oyster bar in the Palace Station. Besides the perfect Blood Mary, The Oyster Bar has the largest selection of oysters flown in fresh everyday from the east and west coast. After a long day of working and training in the gym I often times enjoy relaxing at the Asian Foot Massage Spa with a reflexology and massage. When I want to get my dance on I go to Artisan After Hours. Along with local friendly service, resident DJ Mike Attack’s beats make me want to dance.

SC: What’s your greatest accomplishment in life?

R: Graduating college, college athlete, pole vaulter qualifying for Olympic trials.

SC: Who are your role models and why?

R: Richard Simmons- His unique, Sweatin’ to the Oldies, approach to motivating and encouraging the overweight move around, exercise and have fun, has made a difference of 12,000,000 lbs. Jack Lalanne- “The God Father of Fitness” is my hero. He believed that the country’s overall health depended on the health of its population. He spent decades preaching the health benefits of regular exercises and a good diet. Through his television programs he was able to reach women, whom he also encouraged to join his health clubs. Dalai Lama.

Thanks, Randalene! Want to see more of Randalene and more models? Head over to the Skin City model page! Take your pick for your next event, party, trade show or convention and fill out our Contact Form!


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