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Skin City on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

JImmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo Body Paint

What does one say when asked to body paint Jimmy Kimmel’s humble and hilarious sidekick Guillermo for a comedy bit to promote Skin Wars?

I think “Hell yeah!” is the appropriate answer!

The Skin City team of Ragen, Jessica, Natalie and myself loaded up a car with supplies and trekked from Vegas to LA. We didn’t neglect a stop in Baker to visit the always delightful Alien Beef Jerky roadside attraction…!

Skin City Baker Alien Beef Jerky

Once settled into our hotel on the Universal lot, we did a scouting trip to the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, where the bit would be filmed poolside. We coordinated with the hotel staff (no, the paint will NOT actually come off forming a cloud in your pool—that will need to be added as a special effect in post-production, we swear!) and set up a room to prep in the next day.

Bright and early at 6am the next day we arrived to get underway. Guillermo arrived on time and was gracious and friendly. It can be a bit awkward getting body painted for the first time but lots of backstage joking put everyone at ease. He was even game to have a makeup artist shave his chest and stomach to give us a smooth canvas for his transformation!

Skin City Robin Painting Guillermo

The day proceeded without a hitch, although it was hard not to laugh off-camera while watching the actors in action. The Kimmel staff was amazing – the perfect combination of professional, efficient, funny and fun. A couple of the extras told me how much they love getting the call to do a Kimmel bit because “they are the best crew in town to work with.”

Skin City Crew Guillermo

After the shoot SOMEONE had to help Guillermo get the paint off – stat! Because it was a hot, sweaty day and there was pool water involved, we used our most durable alcohol-based bodypaint. It holds up great on set – but is tough to remove! The whole Skin City crew jumped in the shower with Guillermo, armed with baby wipes, body oil and rubbing alcohol. With four ladies helping we removed the paint in no time – and Guillermo didn’t seem to mind!

Skin City Crew Removes Guillermo's Body Paint

The bit would air one week later after editing, so my husband and I road-tripped back to LA to sit backstage and watch.

Skin City Robin Jimmy Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Kimmel writers were so happy with the bit they said they’d try to work bodypaint into another one in the future …maybe on Jimmy this time? So attention Mr. Kimmel… my brushes are ready when you are…!



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