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March Model of the Month

After a grueling judging process — hours spent on model algorithms and other sexy, technical mumbo-jumbo — we’ve decided on Skin City’s March Model of the Month!

So our inaugural Model of the Month is none other than… (drumroll)… Britt!

The 5′ 7″ sandy brown knockout was kind enough to reveal things like her background and who gets to remove her body paint at the end of the night!

Skin City: Where did you grow up, and why did you move to Vegas?

Britt: I had military family so I grew up everywhere. 13 schools through grade school and ending up in NC for a while before moving out here. I am in Vegas mainly because the attractive out of state tuition price and the financial opportunities.

SC: What do you like about modeling? B: My favorite thing about modeling is the various jobs and the people I encounter. Not to mention getting dolled up or being able to get dressed up in costumes all year round isn’t a bad thing either.

SC: What’s your modeling background? B: Honestly, I don’t really consider myself a real model. I think when I have advanced to the exclusive contract and international exposure I might take that title. 🙂

SC: What’s your favorite body painting experience? B: I really have enjoyed working with Robin and her crew. Everyone is always so welcoming, easy to talk to and talented beyond words. Even though we are in the studio for hours on end being painted I never feel exhausted when I’m done but rather rejuvenated and excited.

SC: What was your strangest / funniest / oddest body painting experience? B: One event that Skin City booked me for was a Greek family reunion. It was a bit of a shock to hear that this was a family gig! Initially I was on the fence about prancing around in pasties and blue paint considering the age ranges were from very young to very “grown” and wise. But after showing up and meeting everyone we found out that the mother and aunt of the bash were the founders of one of the first “bikini bars” in California and were even pickier than the men about the body painted models being “hot”! Thankfully they were impressed and it turned out to be a great party! [They sure were impressed! Here’s a text from the client: “Wow way better than I thought. These girls r the go-to girls & should be the face of the company. Design is beautiful… girls gorgeous and great attitude” –SC]

SC: Any funny body paint removal stories? B: The removal part is always a challenge. Whoever happens to be home gets the job of body paint removal! 🙂

Thanks, Britt! Want to see more of Britt and more models? Head over to the Skin City model page! Take your pick for your next event, party, trade show or convention and give us a call at 702.431.7546 or email us at!



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