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March Artist of the Month – Julia Parrot

Skin City is proud to announce our March Artist of the Month, Julia Parrot! Not only is Julia a capable and creative body paint and makeup artist, she’s also talented aerial performer and clown!

We asked Julia some basic questions, but we learned a lot more than we thought we would! In a nutshell: background, body paint, boobs, and bugs!

Skin City: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Vegas?

Julia: Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Came to Vegas in 2004 for the creation of Cirque du Soleil’s Ka (acrobat/dancer).

SC: How old were you when you started makeup? J: Applying make up on myself (as a performer), since I was 14, or every Carnaval since I can’t even remember. Doing make up and body paint on other bodies professionally, well, that’s since 2011 at Skin City.

SC: What’s your art background? J: I have a degree in Arts from Université Paul Valéry, France.

SC: What’s your favorite body painting experience? J: Halloween, that was painting/airbrush galore! The whole crew was squeezed in the studio, everybody creating and helping each other to have a glamorous halloween. It was like a party, yet we were all working really hard.

SC: What was your strangest / funniest / oddest body painting experience? J: For me it still feels weird to lift somebody’s boobs to paint under.

SC: What else do you do? Other interesting jobs? J: I have a day job (actually at night) as a illusion technician at a magic show.

SC: What are your other favorite hobbies? J: I still train aerial acrobatics and teach at a gym (Fern Adair Conservatory of Arts).

SC: What do you like best about living in Vegas? J: No bugs.

Skin City Boa by Julia Parrot

SC: What was your favorite/most memorable body paint design?

J: My version of a snake around a clients body, using her hand for the snake’s head. I was proud of this one. Also the Rapunzel (Robin’s design), the model’s body as a tower and her arms and head as the captive princess (long braids wig, of course!)

SC: What’s your greatest accomplishment in life? J: My 5 year old boy!


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