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Halloween 2013 Roundup!


Another Halloween has come and gone here at Skin City! As I sit with the stack of final paperwork in my office — our studio python Eve wrapped around my shoulders — I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Skin City’s amazing crew and our wonderful, creative, crazy clients – some of whom returned this year for their third and fourth visits! In addition to all of our corporate and casino jobs, this year we painted over 125 private clients: our loyal and beloved locals as well as tourists who came from all over the world to get body painted and hit the Vegas Halloween clubs and parties. We are so happy that Skin City is a stop on the Vegas party train for so many, and it always feels like a looong party here at the studio. Watching the magical transformations happen to an ever-changing room full of colorful characters is serious trick-or-treat eye candy for everyone involved. We’ve got hairstyling, glamour & fantasy make up, special effects, blood splattering, airbrushing and hand-painted detail all happening at the same time — with our trusty photo and video crew from Guideng taking it all in, to preserve the memories and fun for years to come. It is a lot of hard work and I don’t get much sleep, but watching one happy customer after another walk out of the door — knowing that their Vegas adventure is just beginning — is so rewarding and fun.


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and sometimes I wonder about missing some of those crazy parties and activities everyone around me is jetting off to. But in the midst of all the studio madness, I try to stop once in a while and look around to take it all in. Watching dozens of people become the characters they dreamed of IS my party — and I’ve got the best seat in the house!


It’s emails like this from a couple of matching devils that keep us smiling days after halloween ends:

We both wanted to tell you we had the best experience at your facility. Everyone was amazing! We both were blown away with the attention to detail from all staff members. Even people that didn’t work on us would stop us to fix any issue they’d seen. We had just as much fun at your shop as we did at the [Fetish & Fantasy] ball. We both got lots of attention and took many pictures. It was a blast. Tell everyone thank you! That being said, we will be there next year. The ball is on the 31 and pencil us both in. We already have ideas for next year 🙂 Thank you, David and Kyle

After seven years in business, I feel so grateful to my crew and clients for continuing to make Skin City the number one body painting company in Las Vegas. We can’t wait to see you all again next year!


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