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Get Ready for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2014!


Every summer, there is something unique in the great cities across America that is individual to that city. There’s nothing like the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, fireworks in Philly, a wine tour in Napa, great hot dogs in Chicago, and of course EDC in Las Vegas!


People of all ages save up and look forward to Insomniac Productions’ famous Electric Daisy Carnival all year round – a huge rave-like weekend of electronic dance music, star DJs, carnival rides and lots of crazy characters and eye candy, including thousands of costumed and body-painted revelers! While it is hosted in cities around the world, there is nothing like EDC in Las Vegas. Considering Vegas is one of the party capitals in the world, it only makes sense that we would feature one of the best dance parties out there. In the middle of Las Vegas Speedway you can see club kids dancing up a storm to some of the best beats and DJs the world has to offer.


The attire for these party-goers is minimal, paired with good vibes, which is why the best accessory to have is body paint! Some people decide to wear bras covered in flowers, but the bold and brave just wear painted ones!


With an array of artists on hand: face-painters, airbrush artists, hair stylists and makeup experts, we can create some of the best looks and outfits you could only possibly imagine. With the client’s imagination and the artist’s talent we have turned men into neon skeletons, a lovely couple painted as if almost consumed by EDC culture, and gorgeous ladies showered in neon flowers. In 2012 two of our favorite returning clients Chris and Sierra won the coveted “You are the Headliner” costume contest in their Skin City body paint, giving them free helicopter rides to and from the venue for the rest of the weekend, plus VIP backstage passes. Their body paint investment really paid off!


Every year the designs get better and better – and already this year there are several I am super excited about! EDC is definitely the perfect place to show off your creativity with your painted outfit! Where else but Las Vegas does it make perfect sense to be covered in nothing but neon body paint and dance until the sun comes up?!


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