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Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2013 – Skin City Wrap Up

Rick in Neon Garden at EDC

Another Electric Daisy Carnival has come and gone. As the glitter spray settles here at Skin City Body Painting, I’m filled with the warm, tired afterglow of this epic Vegas event. Everyone here at the studio and boutique are happy and grateful to be such a fun stop on the EDC party train for so many local and out-of-town revelers. On one hand, we’ve got our super dedicated party-going couple Chris and Sierra who plan and save for their body paint designs months ahead of time – then head out of our doors to win the EDC costume contests! On the other hand we have last-minute shoppers who just scored tickets on Craigslist and need to throw costumes together fast. It’s fun to watch them get their looks together, and we are happy that our storefront Boutique is a one-stop shop for everything they need to feel fabulous at the Speedway!

Artists Steve, John & Robin with Rick

As we do makeup, hair-styling and body paint on the couples and friends who come through our studio doors, their stories start to emerge. One of my favorites from this year was Rick. He got off the plane from his most recent deployment in Afghanistan, said a quick hello to his family and friends and jumped in his car to make the road trip from Minnesota to Vegas for EDC! His idea for body paint was a neon orange skeleton with a sugar skull face – and our artists were only too happy to make his vision a reality. His finished body painted skeleton dancing in the UV light at our studio has become one of my funniest, most cherished memories of the year. He even stopped by the next day, remnants of neon orange paint still in his hair, to show me photos and share stories from his epic night at EDC. He said he felt like he was part of the festival, not just a spectator, as people tripped out on his body paint and stopped to take pictures with him all night long. Because in essence, that is what we are all working together to achieve. The visual eye candy our clients and artists create together is like a gift we give to everyone at the party. Looking amazing and having fun spreads joy to all who see you.

Another favorite moment was our spontaneous Sunday afternoon Harlem Shake dance party with about 20 artists and clients at the studio, which is still making me smile.

Skin City artists Nicole & Letty riding an Austin Bike Zoo butterfly bike!

After our work at the studio is done, many of us head out to the Speedway to join our friends at the Austin Bike Zoo. Skin City has helped provide riders for those mad geniuses from Austin, Texas who bring their gigantic butterfly, snake and reindeer bikes for all to enjoy! Painting all day and pedaling all night have become an EDC tradition here at Skin City!

A few faces from EDC 2013 at Skin City!

So even as we are sleep-deprived while mopping glitter off the floors and facing the mountain of airbrush jars that need to be cleaned and sanitized for our next happy clients – we can enjoy the afterglow and know it has all been worth it!


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