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April Model of the Month

Skin City is lucky enough to have a great line-up of beautiful and talented models. This month, we take a closer look at Carolin. This German goddess is more than just a pretty EVERYTHING! She’s also an amazing singer, actress and dancer. This quadruple threat was kind enough to answer a few questions to let us get to know her better.

Skin City: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Vegas? Carolin: I grew up in Duesseldorf, Germany and left for the US when I was 20. After that, I had lived in almost every American entertainment capital from Orlando to LA and NYC, Vegas seemed like the perfect crossbreed between what I want to do with my life and the things I won’t live without… that being sunshine and palm-trees. 🙂

SC: What do you like about modeling?

C: What I like most about modeling is that it gives you the chance to become anything or anybody. Every new design gives you access to a new character and every photo shoot opens the door to personas from the smiley sweetheart, over sexy vixen to high fashion diva.

SC: Any funny body paint removal stories? C: My very first full body paint removal was pretty memorable… You never actually realize how much surface area 5’11” is until you scrub paint off of every single inch.

SC: What else do you do? Other interesting jobs?

C: Besides being a model and Showgirl (feathers not pole ;)) I am a trained singer and actress and do both every chance I get. I also love picking up fun new skills and am currently taking Lyra classes and learning how to spin fire.

SC:  What was your strangest / funniest / oddest body painting experience?

C: The strangest body painting experience was probably the live on-stage Bayer gig where Ragen painted me. Not only did the poor girl have to stretch out a design that would have been done in 30 minutes over 3 hours, but because Bayer couldn’t have a girl in pasties on stage she painted the body-suit I was wearing instead. 🙂

SC:  What do you like best about living in Vegas? C: My favorite thing about Vegas is all the creativity. This city’s sole purpose is literally entertainment and you can find everything from Cirque-caliber shows to community theatre on any given day. Events like First Friday, where people come together to show and share their talent and passion, amazing fundraisers like Broadway Bares, Golden Rainbow or Project Red Dress or even shows that are just an outlet for excess creativity and talent like the 1230 Clown Show. To see all of this, be part of some of it and, due to the entertainment community being so small, to have the opportunity to surround yourself with mind-blowing artists and entertainers is what I truly love about Vegas.

Danke, Carolin! Want to see more of Carolin and more models? Head over to the Skin City model page! Take your pick for your next event, party, trade show or convention and give us a call at 702.431.7546 or email us at!


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