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April Artist of the Month – John Gallegos

Skin City artists are the best in town, and we find them from all over! Including off the streets! We practically found John Gallegos, our April Artist of the Month on Fremont Street airbrushing t-shirts for the rabid tourist crowd. When we found out John’s background, our jaws practically dropped to the floor. It’s great having this talented, well-rounded guy on our team!

Skin City: Where did you grow up? What was that like moving to Vegas? John: Born in Los Angeles, raised in Nebraska, as a teen I went from skateboarding in swimming pools, to farm and ranch work. Quite the cultural shock!

SC: What’s your art background? J: Airbrushing 20 years. Studied at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, but I guess I learned more from running the art department in the military–more hands on, I guess.

SC: What else do you do? J: In the past, I have built prototypes and models for Boeing Aero-Dynamics, wall murals from Nebraska to Palm Springs, movie props for Paramount Studios, and since I have been in Vegas these 10 months, I have enjoyed attaining my professional tattoo license. Airbrushing t-shirts on Freemont Street and surrounding malls, wall murals, have even built movie props again. Who knows what’s around the corner?!

SC: What are your other favorite hobbies? J: Well, for my sanity, I play my acoustic guitar, and do a little singing around the area at open mic nights.

SC: Who is your role model and why? J: Well, probably da Vinci, as he worked in several mediums.

SC: What’s your favorite body painting experience? J: Has to be my first time body painting with Skin City, which was Halloween night. The excitement, the energy, creative chaos! Loved it!

SC: What do you like best about living in Vegas? J: Meeting creative people, the wide variety of art projects that come around.

Thanks so much, John! Keep up the great work! 🙂



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