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9 Romantic Body Painted Couples

Las Vegas is a lot of things — wild, sexy, obnoxious, fun, exciting. But Vegas can also also be super romantic. If you’ve been wondering what to do together with your significant other that’s both unique and a total blast, look no further than booking a couples body paint session with a professional Skin City body paint artist. You can capture the experience with one of our studio photographers, rock your look on the Strip or Downtown, or just go back to your hotel room! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Check out some of our favorite Skin City body painted couples.

1. Graphic Novel Couple

A comic book nerd’s dream! With their bold colors and bright contrast, this couple was by far the highlight of the party they attended.

2. Sports Couple

Scott and Mary were Halloween clients at Skin City a few years ago. The mutual love of their alma mater really shone through. “Your commitment to our costumes was over the top and perfect in every way,” Scott wrote us later. “Your staff was amazing!”

3. Dios De Los Muertos Couple

Sugar skulls are a super popular request at Skin City on Dios De Los Muertos. A pair of these beautiful looks can really stun a crowd!

4. Evil Spiders Couple

Whether they’re super heroes or super villains, when a couple puts together a themed costume like this, the results are electric!

5. Clumsy Lumberjack Couple

This couple are repeat customers at Skin City at Halloween time. Every year they top themselves with their characters and stories. This is one of our favorite looks of theirs. (And, yes, her top is painted on!)

6. Flayed Couple

Romance comes in all shapes, sizes and aesthetics. Everyone might not be brave enough to pull it off, but you got to admit, these two are a match made in… well, you know. 🙂

7. EDC UV Couple

Another set of repeat customers, this couple loves to have Skin City take care of their yearly Electric Daisy Carnival looks, garnering first place in EDC’s costume contest a few years ago. They are not afraid to go big with their concepts.

8. Skulls Couple

Another popular request at Skin City, the classic skull is beautiful, haunting and extra striking when paired with a partner.

9. Pride Couple

Skin City has wowed the crowd and won several awards in the years they participated at Las Vegas’ PRIDE Parade. At their core, Skin City wants nothing more than to spread beauty and love to all.


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