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8 Photos That Make You Go “Wait! That’s Body Paint?!”

Contact us today to start planning a body paint clothing session!

1. German Beer Girl

Many of our models have their TAM cards, giving them the ability to serve drinks at your event or party.

2. Pin Up Body Paint

There are few things more alluring than a body painted outfit in the style of a 50s pin up girl.

3. Body Painted Shirt

Make heads turn at your company’s event by having a body painted model with your logo, mingling with your guests.

4. Body Painted Vampire

Skin City founder Robin Slonina body painted a vampire costume on our model, Tyler, for the cover over QLife Magazine.

5. Body Paint Ad Campaign

Your brand’s logo on a beautiful body painted model can elevate your photo or video ad campaign.

6. Sports Body Paint

Whether it’s the Big Game, the World Cup, or really any other special sporting event, having body painted models in your favorite teams’ jerseys can be an exceptional addition to your viewing party.

7. Body Paint Costumes

Be the talk of the town, when you walk down the Las Vegas Strip in a body painted costume. Whether it’s Halloween, another holiday, or no holiday at all, it will be a great story to tell your friends back home! (We’re pretty proud of the cut-up dollar bill glued to the “back pocket” 🙂 )

8. Body Painted Atmosphere Models

Atmosphere models that blend in with your party’s theme or event space’s decor is classy, unique, and will make your party-goers want to whip out their cameras and take a ton of selfies!

BONUS – Body Painted Bubbles!

Okay, it’s not really body painted clothing, but we still love this photo of Skin City model Caroline relaxing in an illusion of a bubble bath.


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