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7 Eye-popping UV Glow Body Paintings

One of Skin City’s specialties is body painting with UV Glow paint. We have a full spectrum of colors to work with. When under a black light, the results can be stunning!

1. EDC Logo

The yearly Electric Daisy Carnival is almost upon us. It’s one of our favorite times of the year. We have a full range of UV Glow Blacklight colors for you to stand out in the EDC crowd.

2. Owl

EDC’s ubiquitous mascot is the Owl. This client had a great take on it.

3. Leopard Zebra Tiger

You don’t need your full body painted to look amazing. Have parts of your body accented to compliment your outfit.

4. Flowers

It wouldn’t be EDC without electric daisies! This full body look takes a surprisingly short amount of time to complete.

5. Skeleton

A dark but striking look, the glowing skeleton will definitely make heads turn, especially while dancing!

6. Scary Clown

Let your creativity be limitless. Express yourself in whatever form makes you feel great!

7. It’s a… um… what is it?!

We think It’s a combo of big daisies plugged in electronically. Or something. Who cares what it is?! It’s amazing!


We are ready to make your creativity shine, or leave it to us to design your look for you. And it doesn’t need to be EDC season to have a UV Glow body paint photo shoot or a night out on the town.

Contact us NOW to book your appointment!

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