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6 Camouflage Body Painted Models That Will Make You Do A Double Take!

One of our most sought-after styles of body painting is Camouflage, the art of optically blending a model into a background. It’s also one of the most challenging looks to pull off successfully. If you’re looking to wow your clients, or even your friends, with a model (or yourself) hidden in an environment, Skin City Body Painting excels at this mind-blowing illusion.

1. Abstract

A body painted model camouflaged in an abstract colorful background

It takes many viewers a surprisingly long time to make out the model in this photo. The relentless use of color and coverage makes her all but disappear.

2. Ivy

A body painted model camouflaged against a wall of ivy and wearing red high heels

A camouflage body paint in nature can be stunning, especially with the subtle combination of the natural with the man-made.

3. Flower Shop

A body painted model camouflaged in a flower shop

One of Skin City’s most complicated camouflage looks, combining several different plants along with the wooden bench makes finding the model very satisfying. We also love the placement of her right hand!

4. Product Promotion

A body painted model camouflaged against a wall promoting an energy drink

Your clients and potential customers won’t be able to take their eyes off a model like this camouflaged against your product, billboard, or step-and-repeat wall.

5. Cheetah Chair

A body painted model camouflaged in a leopard print lounge chair and wearing red high heels

Sometimes a flat wall is not challenging enough! This look was made to blend a beautiful sitting model against a cheetah patterned chair.

6. Zebra Rug

A body painted model camouflaged on a zebra print rug and wearing red high heel shoes

Another Skin City favorite, the red heels and red lipstick really pop out from this black-and-white style camouflage body paint.


Whether you’re looking to liven up your party, corporate function, red carpet, or convention booth, a body painted model blended into the background is a sure-fire way to make everyone around take notice.

FUN FACT: Every photo above features the same Skin City model, Alissa, one of our very faves! 🙂


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