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Skin City Takes Top Prize at Las Vegas PRIDE Night Parade!

This year’s PRIDE Night Parade could not have been more successful for Skin City! What started off as a kooky idea, became a huge work of art and culminated in a very prestigious award, after a very entertaining parade.

We started with a U-Haul trailer, talent director Ross Gibson and a team of his friends spent the entire night before attaching hundreds of colored cellophane flowers to form a rainbow flag around the vehicle (design idea by Jennifer Henry of Flock FlockFlock). Add some red and gold fringe, a banner of the Pride postcard modeled by Miguel, Benoit and Ryan on each side, the Skin City banner on the back, and Suwasit Rithippon painted as a rainbow flag on his X-pole in the middle, and you have a float well worthy of any PRIDE Parade.

But we didn’t stop there, 12 of Las Vegas finest dancers volunteered to be body painted as a team of rainbow leopards (for the 6 girls) and tigers (for the boys) and were dressed in some of Skin City Boutique’s fashionable clothing, ie. fibre optic tutus and hair extensions!

Led by two rainbow showgirls in Ross’ convertible and owner Robin Slonina cycling with her 2-year-old son around the group, Skin City easily stood out from the crowd, enough so to be presented the Grand Marshall Award for BEST DECORATED VEHICLE!

Skin City would like to thank everyone involved who made this idea and dream become an award-winning reality.


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