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Skin City bares and cares at Las Vegas PRIDE 2013

Skin City Pride 2013 09

Once again, Las Vegas PRIDE came around in a flash. Considering our win of Grand Marshall Award for best overall decorated vehicle for the 2012 PRIDE, Skin City decided late in the game that we JUST HAD (with a snap) to participate again. This year, our theme and idea was the “Care Bares of PRIDE” a kinky play on the popular 80’s children’s cartoon.

Skin City Pride 2013 06

U-Haul lent another 6′ x 12′ trailer to be transformed into a huge cloud, made from chicken wire, shelf lining and spray foam… and some very creative, late night hours from several Cirque show performers!

Once again the cast of Jubilee (thanks to the fabulous Kat Day) came up trumps providing us with the majority of our PRIDE cast – 9 body painted Care Bears in total, lead by the “breeders” of the pack, leather daddy bear, and queen momma bear (Jonah Wilkins who stole the show as a 6″ 6′ rainbow tye-dyed drag queen bear in a gorgeous FLOCKFLOCKFLOCK mowhawk and tutu creation).

Their 7 pups in the rainbow colors followed in tow, (red) bondage bear, (orange) muscle Mary bear, (yellow) golden shower bear, (green) bukkake bear, (blue) twink bear, (indigo) lesbo bear, and (violet) safe sex bear. All came with their own appropriate Care Bear belly painted symbols as well some well allocated props – whips, dumbells, condoms and handbags full of glitter to name a few!

Skin City PRIDE 2013 10

Surrounding them on our cloud float were some gorgeous sky/cloud painted characters and gold glitter creatures (representing the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow!!!!)

Skin City PRIDE 2013 11

As if this wasn’t enough, Skin City Talent Director Ross Gibson drove his convertible adorned with a rainbow arc of balloons with Max, Carolin and Alyssa dressed as rainbow balloon fairies, partying the parade away in the car. All together a total of 21 painted and full costumed performers with another 10 proud employees walked the parade to represent Skin City with “PRIDE”!

Skin City PRIDE 2013 07

This year, we outdid ourselves on the amount and intricacy of body paint, float decorations, ballon creations, car art, and just overall fun ambience that got the crowds screaming from as far as their eyes could catch us!

Skin City PRIDE 2013 12

Among a total of 82 entries this year and only 10 awards, Skin City grabbed the Rainbow Award for best use of PRIDE colors amongst a group of winners comprising of MGM, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and the Cosmopolitan.

So we stand “proud” amongst these huge conglomerate companies we competed not just against, but with, and for another year, we left our mark in one of Vegas’ ongoing and (more importantly) growing celebrations of cultural diversity.

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