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Las Vegas Exchange 2013


The Las Vegas Exchange, one of the world’s largest swingers conventions, was held at the Palms Casino Resort this August, and Skin City Body Painting was hired to provide over 30 performers for this huge 4-day extravaganza! This was our largest job to date, and we pulled out all the stops!

On Wednesday’s “Welcome to Vegas” party, guests were greeted by our gorgeous showgirls and impersonators from the movie The Hangover.


On Thursday, we painted and costumed go-go dancers as “Gold Finger” vixens and champagne bubble beauties for the “James Bond” themed night at Moon Nightclub.


On Friday during the “Moroccan Nights” themed evening, we created a scaly yet sensual snake charmer to wander among guests — draped in a live ball python!


Our painted tribal percussionist and gorgeous belly dancers shimmied and shook for the crowd at Simon Restaurant.


For Saturday’s events we provided Rain Nightclub with four hot burlesque performers taking the stage in-between our breath-taking high-flying aerial silks performers.


When the doors burst open to the Palms Pool“Fire & Ice” themed area, guests encountered ice-fairy stilt walkers, fire dancers, water sphere contortionists and violinists from Bella Strings who mingled, danced and performed among the lively guests.




This was a crowd who was ready to party from the get-go — enjoying a lifestyle where they love to watch others perform, as well as mingle with the performers around them. Our fun, visually-stunning and interactive entertainment was perfect for this crowd! The artists and performers from Skin City definitely gave their senses a feast for the entire weekend, but sorry swingers — we were for the eyes only!

Not that we didn’t get to finish the event off with some fun of our own… One of the best ways to remove body paint is chlorine, and where was there an abundance of chlorine? In the jacuzzi hot tub in the pool bungalow we were given as a green room for the performers! After weeks of intense preparations and 4 solid days of hard work, we needed to unwind — and remove lots of body paint! Needless to say a hot tub party involving our artists, performers and very minimal clothing ensued… proving we could give any group of swingers a run for their money! It’s times like this that I can honestly say: “I love my job!”


This message from our happy client was the icing on the cake: “You guys totally rocked the party! I was sooo impressed (as expected) and all of your talent was phenomenal! We had such great feedback from everyone who attended, and each performer was a hit! Thank you all sooooooo much for everything and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”


Ross Gibson Skin City Talent Director


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