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Hangout with Skin City Body Painting!

UPDATE! Two live body paint demos over Google+ Hangouts at the same time (roughly)! Thanks in large part to the efforts of the amazing Paul Roustan, there will be–not one–but two different First Fridays that are hosting demos over the same Hangout. Noah Musher and Lawren Alice of Gallery ML in Philadelphia will be broadcasting the results of their body paint demo at 9pm EST. At that time, Skin City will just be getting started. The cross-country event will also be aired on, so even those without a G+ account yet can still enjoy the action, thanks to Cam Meadows. The whole event will be hosted by the Google+ Power Hangout user Matthew Rappaport. Hope to see you then!!

Attention ladies and gentlemen with a computer and an internet connection! Skin City is about to get with the times in a really fun way, and we are asking you to “save the date” for this monumental occasion.

Skin City Body Painting will hold its first Google+ Hangout, locally hosted by yours truly +Jimmy Slonina, official Skin City hype-man and owner Robin Slonina’s husband. The Hangout will occur on Friday, April 6 starting at 6pm PT.

April 6th happens to be first Friday of the month. For those that don’t know, First Friday is a worldwide art-happening occasion that many cities celebrate. Las Vegas has a very active and thriving artist community, and its arts district comes alive every First Friday till late into the night. And we’re bringing Las Vegas’ First Friday into the next generation!

As they do every month, Skin City Body Painting Studio & Boutique will host a live body painting demo right in the store for all to witness! But this time, even those familiar with the demos will be in for a treat, Skin City artist Krystle will be using Brand X Latex for a rare latex body paint demo! And this time even fans of Skin City who are worlds away can enjoy the party from the comfort of their own computers!

Of course this isn’t the first live body painting Hangout, thanks to the brilliant and G+ savvy +Paul Roustan (among others I’m sure). In fact, Paul was gracious enough to give myself and Skin City a little inspirational boost in the right direction to make this Hangout happen.

As if all this weren’t enough, so many other exciting things will be buzzing within the studio walls! Back by popular demand from last First Friday, photographer Madison Alexander will be showing his photos from his world travels. And artist and owner Robin Slonina will show us a different side of her artistry with a brand new series of “Kiss” paintings on canvas! All the while, you’ll be grooving to the live tune spinning of DJ Dan the Man!

If you’re not already on Google+, I would definitely recommend it, even though I’m sure you have plenty other social media networks to wade through. To be honest, G+ is a force to be reckoned with, and with a little time and effort put into it, it can be an invaluable tool.

But join if for no other reason than to watch a beautiful model wearing almost nothing get turned into an amazing work of art before your very computer screen! And if you can’t make it at all circle +Skin City Body Painting to get all the latest info on this sexy “living art”!

That’s Friday, April 6th from 6pm-11pm! Will you join us? Let us know and please reshare the info!

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