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Grand Opening Event - HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

Sin City welcomes the brand new HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas to the Luxor Casino with a huge VIP Grand Opening bash, featuring body painted cosplay models by Skin City Body Painting and Cerebral Itch Creative Agency.

Special Thanks to Esther Gabriel of Cerebral Itch Creative Agency and to Paul & Kacky Chamberlin.

Skin City Coordinator: Ross Gibson

Artists: Robin Slonina, Gear Duran, Christine Montoya, Ragen Mendenhall, Benoit Beaufils, Brien McCrea, Scott See, Brigitte Beedle, Letty Lopez

Assistants: Devany Del Padre, Amanda Budzinski, Sina Foley, Elena Hill

Wig Creation: Shannon Clark, Ross Gibson, Letty Lopez.

Hair Stylist: Sara Ajdahim

Models Coordinator: Carolin Feigs

Models: Carolin Feigs, Glenda Jordan, Chris Justis, Stacey Shea, Damir Mouzdyabaev, Joseph Fain , Charlie Ann Mcnichol, Jamie, Lee Grover, Alissa Banks

Costume Coordinator: Araina Birdleras.

Costume & Prop Makers: Araina Birdleras, Kent Caldwell, Ike Samuelson, Robin Slonina, Benoit Beaufils, Voki Kaflayan, Brien McCrea, Gear Duran, Carolin Feigs, Vegas Prop House, Mission Control Studio, Cerebral Itch Creative Agency

Production Assistants: Ross Gibson, Shannon Clark, Matt Salcedo, Alli Wright


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