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5 Surprising Las Vegas Convention After-Party Ideas

There will be plenty of eye-popping goodies on the convention floor next month. But don’t forget the wild fun to be had AFTER hours, where your guests, staff, and new connections can really solidify your relationships. It’s almost as important to plan the after-party as it is the convention itself.

You don’t want the same old DJ-and-bartender cookie-cutter shindig. You want your party-goers to experience an epic, one-of-a-kind night!

Consider the following outside-the-box ideas to make the after-party a night to remember. All of these and more are available, of course, through Skin City Events!

1. Live Body Paint Demo

Watch the heads turn as a professional body paint artist gradually transforms a beautiful model into… whatever you can imagine! Your company logo and colors, a visual representation of your theme—really anything you can imagine. And we can help brainstorm! Check out more Live Body Paint Demo photos!

2. Cirque-style Performers

Your party can take a turn for the awesome when one or more contortionists appear and dazzle your guests with a jaw-dropping performance. Stilt walkers, fire dancers, aerialists—our talented roster goes on! We can help you staff and organize the whole evening with our high quality performers. Learn more about Skin City’s amazing talent!

3. Camouflage Body Painted Models

Your guests will do a double-take when they slowly realize that there are body painted models perfectly blended into the decor of your event space. A step-and-repeat wall gets turbo-charged when a camouflaged model is subtly masked against it, complete with your logo and branding. The selfie shutters will fly! See more Camouflage Body Paint!

4. Digital Character Artist

A caricature artist in the digital age! Let our talented digital painter capture your party-goers, then instantly send the works of art to their phones, tablets, wherever! We can add your branding to keep your business top of mind as well.

5. Temporary Tattoos of Your Logo

An airbrush temporary tattoo artist can be on hand at your party with a pre-cut stencil of your company logo (we can do that!) to quickly airbrush upon your guests and staff. They then become a walking billboard for your brand, and look cool doing it!


The after-party is a super important component to your overall convention plan. Providing imaginative ways to have fun goes a long way to positioning yourself as an innovative and savvy business colleague.

Contact us today to have us help you organize the event of a lifetime!


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