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Transform Your Las Vegas Corporate Event into a Unforgettable Spectacle

Bring Life To Your Event!
Skin City Zebra Rug Camouflage Body Paint

You took great care of us, and I felt you were on top of everything at all times so I didn’t have to worry.

Lone Star, Corporate Client

Lone Star

Your staff and company far exceeded everything we imagined possible.

Scott & Mary, Halloween Clients

Scott and Mary

Their work is not only technically professional and of a top standard, but is also beautiful and creative.

Double Eagle Studios, Photographers

Double Eagle

I don’t think I can experience Vegas the same without being painted! I loved it.

Christopher, Concert-goer

Body Painting & Events
Skin City

Body Painting & Events

Skin City Corporate Event Model

Our expert team can create traditional or outside-the-box concepts to WOW your clients!

Skin City Body Painting Sugar Skull and Heart

A unique Las Vegas fun story

you can tell your friends…

or keep for yourself!

Skin City Model

Skin City boasts a long roster of beautiful and engaging models to draw your audience in.

Skin City Talent Contortionist

We can staff your event or party with top talent from a

wide variety of disciplines.

Skin City Body Painting Damask

Exceptional Artistry & Event Planning

Fun… Unique… Professional… Exciting… Vegas!

Welcome to Skin City®, the premier event planning company in Las Vegas where creativity, professionalism, and uniqueness take center stage. Since 2006, we have been leading the pack, transforming ordinary corporate events into extraordinary experiences.

From the boardroom to the ballroom, Skin City delivers a spectrum of event planning services tailored to your vision. We specialize in conventions, tradeshows, corporate parties, and ad promotions, providing world-class talent and models to bring your event to life. Our body painting expertise sets us apart, offering a visually stunning and unique edge to your event.


Exclusively for Halloween, EDC weekend, and for those seeking a premium experience, we also offer personal body painting services. We believe in creating unforgettable experiences and our work is a testament to that commitment.

At Skin City, we blend artistry with event planning, creating a canvas for your imagination. So, dare to dream big, and let us paint the way to your successful event. Trust us, we are the magic brush stroke your event needs.


Discover the world of Skin City today, where we paint your events with a touch of excellence!

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Robin Slonina

Robin's art has been exhibited internationally at galleries and museums around the world. When not traveling and creating art, she also gives her time and talent to the many charities and community projects she passionately supports. Robin spent three seasons as a producer and judge on GSN’s hit competition show, Skin Wars.

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Skin City Robin Slonina painting a model

Ross Gibson

Driven by a passion to provide one-of-a-kind experiences to locals and visitors alike, Ross proudly owns and operates Las Vegas’ premier body painting and event planning company. Ross also directs the artistic teams of the annual philanthropic spectacle production events, Circus Couture and Cirque’s One Night for One Drop. 

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Skin City Ross Gibson headshot